Rudi van Drunen

Modified: Apr 30 2008


Welcome to my (personal web) page !

Some Background: I live in Oegstgeest (NL) together with my wife Ditty, our son Luuk and our cat Flupke. Currently I am Technical Product manager at OELAN. I started my professional career as researcher at the University of Groningen, to work on GROMACS. then moved on to Chess Engineering, the Leiden Cytology and Pathology Labs, and now Competa.

In the meantime I started my own small company: Xlexit Technology B.V.

I do enjoy Sailing, Photography, Travel, Art  and Technology (Electronics, *IX, Wireless, Open Source).

I regulary work with USENIX and the SANE foudation to organize (and present, teach at) intl. conferences on advanced computer systems.

Furthermore, I am (founding) board member of Wireless Leiden: the leading wireless community in NL. I am member of the Dutch CaCert and Oophaga team.

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